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Thomas & Associates, Inc. develops timely and cost-effective workshops and training programs to address current issues in museums, art businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Our programs and workshops are tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Empowering Leaders Workshop

Leadership and Management Skills

Critical Skills for Successful Museum Professionals

Communication Skills for Leaders

Improve Communications Across Divisions
and Departments

Intercultural Communications

Diversity Training

Eliminate Staff Burnout / Enhance Staff Morale

Time Management

Team Building

Professional Development (Self Assessment
Tools for Staff)

Art Handling Training and Manual

Creative Recruiting for Museums
and Art Businesses

"Leadership in Museums:
Empowering Leaders in Every Department"

by Geri Thomas

For further information, including fees and program descriptions, or to let us know what type of training you or your organization would like to see offered, email us now at recruiters@artstaffing.com.

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