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Our exhibition division develops, designs and travels major exhibitions nationally and internationally.

For further information or for bookings, please contact:
Geri Thomas, President or David Griffin, Exhibitions Coordinator
at 212.779.7059.

"Amalia Amaki: Boxes, Buttons & the Blues" is a major exhibition of mixed media work by the acclaimed African American artist Amalia Amaki.

Constructed of buttons, postcards, souvenirs, family photographs and other historic items, Amaki’s playful, exquisitely detailed works speak to issues of African- American family life and focus on positive themes of love, loyalty, pride and strength. Spanning over three decades, the show serves as a mid-career retrospective of this important and multifaceted artist.

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Number of works: 72 works in mixed media

Space requirements: 2,500—4,000 sq, ft.

Loan Fee: $18,000 plus pro-rated shipping and insurance

Availability: From September 2006 through August 2008

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"Ellen Frank: Cities of Peace" is an exhibition of seven monumental illuminated paintings created by artist Ellen Frank and her apprentices at the Ellen Frank Illumination Atelier Foundation.
Depicting the world’s great capitals and their roles as centers of stability and culture even during periods of war and upheavals, “Cities of Peace” celebrates the richness and diversity of urban life throughout the world, stressing the value of shared culture in regions scarred by conflict.

Number of works: 7 large-scale illuminated works

Space requirements: approximately 120 linear ft.

Loan Fee: $12,000 plus pro-rated shipping

Availability: April 2006—April 2008

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"Elder Grace: The Nobility of Aging" presents monumental portrait photographs of African Americans by the celebrated New York Times photojournalist Chester Higgins Jr. Featuring women and men from all walks of life, this highly acclaimed exhibition reveals the beauty, dignity and energy of senior intelligence and experience. The show is a rich tribute to older generations as a vital force in American life.
Co-curated by the artist, the show closed March 2001 at the New-York Historical Society, where it received enthusiastic response from public and critics alike.

The national tour of "Elder Grace" is sponsored by MetLife Foundation.

Number of Works: 60

Space Requirements: 250 linear ft; 2,500 sq. ft. as above

Loan Fee: $5,000, plus pro-rated costs

Availability: From May 2001

Current Schedule:

June - September 2001
Martin Luther King Jr. Arts Complex, Columbus, OH

November - December 2001
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, AL

May 1 - June 14, 2002
Bank of America Tower Gallery, Seattle, WA

August 15 - September 24, 2002
Tubman African American Museum, Macon, GA

October 20, 2002 - April 6, 2003
Charles H.Wright Museum of American History, Detroit, MI

April 18 - July 18, 2003
America's Black Holocaust Museum, Milwaukee, WI

August - September 2003
+++Show available+++

October - November 2003
The Philadelphia African American Museum

January 9 - March 8, 2004
American Jazz Museum, Kansas City, MO

April - June 2004: Show Available

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