ISSUE 3 | VOLUME 1 | January-February 2014    

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Dear Clients and Colleagues, we're looking forward to staying in touch and working with you this year. Here are some of the trends we are seeing in the arts and culture industry – and remember, we are here for you always! All best, Geri



Here are some of the trends we anticipate in Recruitment and Employment in the Arts and Culture sector for 2014:

  • The NEW Curator at the Gallery: More galleries and auction houses are creating curatorial positions, a 180-degree turn from the past, when they shunned hiring museum professionals without fast-paced sales experience. The change is motivated by efforts to lend credence and scholarship to their artists and exhibitions. These positions require museum or academic experience that can help contextualize post-war and contemporary work. Such professionals may also attract their colleagues and donors to the marketplace.
  • Compensation is rising to attract and retain professionals in the more senior positions across the board in art businesses and nonprofit organizations - in fundraising, business development, finance and administration, and collections management. There is a limited supply of experienced senior staff in all sectors. On the other hand, mid-range managers continue to be widely under-compensated.
  • Globalization: Arts and culture organizations seek staff with greater experience and understanding of global markets, organizations and cultures. Candidates with work experience, contacts and resources abroad are more attractive. Nonetheless, it may prove difficult to hire non-US nationals.
  • Work Life Balance: Recognizing the increased demands in the workplace, some arts and culture groups are addressing work/life balance issues and transforming their workplaces to be more respectful of employees and to eliminate "bad" behavior. Efforts include health and wellness programs and workshops on how to manage stress, acknowledging the tensions in the professional environment.
  • Metrics: Data gathering and metrics are gaining importance, especially for non-profit groups. In a more systematic approach, non-profits are promoting the impact that arts and culture experiences have on human cognition, or are proving their worth to economic development. Employees who can manage these large projects are in demand.

As a professional at an arts and culture institution seeking to hire staff, or as a candidate, Thomas & Associates can help you navigate these trends.

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