ISSUE 2 | VOLUME 6 | March 2017    

Art Career News – March 2017

Seeing Candidates: The Importance of the Face-to-Face Meeting

The crux of every hire you make is the meeting between yourself and the applicant; and it's essential when working with a recruitment agency to meet the candidates presented. Remember, a pre-meeting vetting process is what you've hired the recruitment firm to do! Here are a few suggestions that may clarify why meeting candidates face-to-face is a vital first step.

Meeting with candidates referred to you by the recruiter will help you articulate what you're looking for. Personal fit, character, communication style, responsiveness, energy level – these are all things that are important but won't turn up on a resume. Meeting the candidates means you have a chance to review what these facets mean for you and your organization and may tip you off that certain of them are more – or less – important than you thought they were.

The process may also help you fill out the role you're hiring for. A candidate can bring in experience and skills that allow them to make contributions beyond what you had in mind. Don't get too caught up with ticking off boxes – unless you expect your employee to do the same! After all, the best hire will be one who can respond to unexpected challenges and new ideas.

Obviously a resume should be clear, concise and match up with the job requirements. But sometimes a candidate may bring experience that doesn't leap off the page or might not be on the page to begin with. For certain roles, professional contacts can be proprietary or involve clients who cannot be named in correspondence – in which case speaking in confidence is essential. Trust the recruiter to make suggestions: the "dark horse" can still be the winning pick.

Meeting of Thirty-Five Heads of Expression, Honore Daumier, c.1855

The above approach works best when a recruiter has an open relationship with you and gives you feedback as well as responsiveness to your original requirements. There is no point in seeing every candidate presented if there are thirty-five of them (see picture above) – and if there are thirty-five of them, the recruiter is not doing their job. As Mies van der Rohe said, "less is more." But as long as there is dialogue between you and the recruiter about the candidates, seeing them in person is an essential way to move the whole process forward.

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